Structure Jenkins with nested views

Continuous Integration is great to improve software quality, reduce risks, to enjoy the advantages of automation and so much more.

Serval jobs on Jenkins?

Jenkins enables the creation of serval jobs. Imagine creating for each of your maven project at least 2 jobs:

  • 1st job (trunk/ master) Is build with each commit. Does not run the integrationtests within your project
  • 2nd job (nightly) Is build once at night. Like 1st job but runs also the integrationtests

Let’s say you have 8 different projects, which will result in at least 16 jobs. In a bigger company you usually share Jenkins with other teams, therefore serval other jobs exists on the same Jenkins server. So you want your own structured view. But using a list view which just gathers all your jobs in one view?
To improve clarity and transparency consider a nested view containing serval list views. And each list view represents a certain category.

Create the nested view

1) Create a new view (simply by clicking  PlusSymbol). Name it and choose Nested View as property

2) Add a New View to your new nested view. Choose List View as property.

3) Within that new list view click Edit View on the left side, to configure your list view. For example add all the jobs you want to appear on your view

4) Repeat step 2-3 for every new category in your nested view


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