Dealing with Legacy code

In the software industry, you rarely start a project on a green field. In most cases the project will come with a remarkable amount of legacy code [3]. And as the project grows the software certainly gets scary to touch. So let’s face the challenge with some easy strategies. Respect Assume that developers have done […]

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Software Design – Know your business domain

Knowing how to code isn’t sufficient. Mastering only programming languages or operating systems isn’t sufficient. You need to dive into the domain of business you are in. When starting a software project focus on the business domain it is operating in. Software should fit the domain it is designed for. “Software needs to incorporate the […]

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Visualization in agile development

Agile software development is great. There are loads of articles and books on how to be successfully agile. Visualizing your work is an essential part in agile development methodologies. Why visualizing? “The Zeigarnik effect finds that recall or memory of a task occurs more readily when the task is incomplete or interrupted (Zeigarnik, 1938).” The […]

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Get your Enterprise JavaBeans Developer Certificate

You are thinking about getting Oracle Enterprise JavaBeans Developer certified? Good preparation, willingness to learn, curiosity and meeting the prior certification requirements are the best preconditions in order to pass the exam. Questions The questions have different levels of toughness and have a multiple choice format. Easy questions may look like this: A session bean […]

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Tips to create a labyrinth with lanterna – Part II

The terminal (in lanterna) has a fixed size. But sometimes you will have a labyrinth which will be bigger than this terminal. As soon as your user moves the player outside of the fixed sized terminal screen you will not be able to see him anymore. What can you do about that? You can redraw […]

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Tips to create a labyrinth with lanterna – Part I

Lanterna is a console text GUI library written in Java. Coding a simple game without having to worry about details in the UI makes lanterna a very good choice. But while lanterna was easy to use, there were still some pitfalls considering the UI. The gaming concept The concept behind the labyrinth is pretty easy. […]

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Code a better world

Just recently I heard of an amazing open source project which saves lives. OpenMRS. OpenMRS is a medical record system, which has been created in 2004 as a platform for developing countries. It allows medical workers to electronically store and track patient’s medical case information. Especially in developing countries a doctor has to take care […]

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